Alberta’s Hazy, Crazy Fire Season Isn’t Over Yet!

Smoke from wildfires in Washington drift into the capital region – August 27, 2017

Smoke from wildfires in Washington drift into the capital region – August 27, 2017

Wildfire smoke seemed like a permanent fixture in Alberta this summer. In May, smoke from wildfires in the province impacted communities and industry. In July, a mix of wildfire smoke from British Columbia, the Northwest Territories and wildfires right here in Alberta covered most of the province. Again in August, wildfires in Washington smoked out south and central parts of Alberta. From highway closures to health concerns, Albertans have been feeling the impacts from wildfire smoke. You can track smoke forecasts here.

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Calling 310-FIRE to report a wildfire? Here’s what the operator needs to know.


When it comes to fighting wildfires, timing is everything – the earlier we can get to a wildfire, the better. Our wildlife lookouts and lightning mapping system help us do this – but we can’t have eyes everywhere at once. 310Fire_MobileAds_1034x1024_v8

That’s why it’s so important to call 310-FIRE (3473) if you spot a wildfire. In the past five years, over 5,000 Albertans have called the number – and 1,000 of these calls have helped us locate wildfires.

When you call in a wildfire, you’re our eyes and ears on the ground. Here are the details our dispatchers are looking for – check them out so that you’ll be prepared if you ever need to make the call.

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Forestry Friday: Great news – (310) FIRE is spreading to Saskatchewan

Photo of the 310-FIRE logo on the back of a vehicle.

Quick – what’s the number for 9-11? It’s an old joke, but it captures an important truth: emergency numbers are most useful when everyone knows them.

Hopefully, most Albertans know 310-FIRE – the number to report wildfires in Alberta – almost as well as the number for their own municipal fire department. A dedicated wildfire hotline isn’t a new thing in Alberta. In the 1970s, we operated a Zenith number (222-33); in the 1980s, that number was replaced with 427-FIRE. But in many parts of the province, that number was long-distance – and we need Albertans to be able to report a wildfire at any time, from anywhere in the province.

That’s why 310-FIRE is so awesome: 310-FIRE mobile banner

  •          It’s easy to remember.
  •          It’s available 24/7, 365 days a year.
  •          It’s toll-free – so it never costs to call.

Albertans have definitely called – almost 5,000 times over the past five years alone. And more than 1,000 of those calls have led to the discovery of a wildfire.

In fact, it’s been so successful that other provinces can’t help but take notice. Ontario adopted the 310-FIRE line in 2010 – and this year, Saskatchewan will become the third province to use it. Folks in all three provinces will now have just one common number to remember. And a routing system will make sure these calls go to the right areas based on the caller’s location, avoiding confusion and keeping the Alberta line free for Alberta calls.

It’s exciting news – and there’s no reason to stop here. If more provinces adopt the line, we could eventually end up with a national wildfire reporting number. In the meantime, this change will make it a little easier for our neighbors to the east to report wildfires – and that’s definitely something to be proud of.