Myths and realities of Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan – Part 3

Beaumont, Alberta photographed in May, 2015.

Beaumont, Alberta photographed in May, 2015.

This is the third in a series of posts addressing myths and realities of the Climate Leadership Plan. Part 1 covered estimated household costs, rebates and emissions reductions. Part 2 covered consultation and energy costs.

Myth #6: The government will be going door-to-door or cold calling Albertans to offer energy efficiency products through the Residential No-Cost Energy Savings Program.

Reality: Albertans will be able to participate in the program only if they contact Energy Efficiency Alberta directly and make an appointment. Appointments are scheduled so that homeowners know when to expect a visit from an installer. Due to government legislation, which bans the door-to-door sales of energy products, an installer cannot come to your door uninvited.

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Myths and realities of Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan – Part 1

calculator-moneyMinister Phillips recently hosted two interactive telephone town hall discussions on the Climate Leadership Plan, paying special attention to the carbon levy and rebates. Over 50,000 Albertans participated and asked many excellent questions. What the town hall revealed was that, unfortunately, there are still a few myths circulating.

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Investing in Alberta’s future with the carbon levy


Climate change is the greatest challenge facing us today. We need to take swift, decisive action to address it. Albertans, industry and government all have a part to play in tackling climate change in our province. We all need to be part of the solution.

A price on carbon does just this by putting the onus of improving the health of the environment and Albertans on all of us. It is the most cost-effective way to achieve significant reductions in emissions, and provides an incentive for everyone, from individual households to large industrial emitters, to make choices with emissions in mind. Continue reading

Investing in an energy efficient Alberta

2016-11-02_10-27-22Improving energy efficiency reduces energy use and emissions, saves Albertans money, and makes our homes and buildings more comfortable. Investing in energy efficiency programs creates good jobs in many sectors, including skilled trades, construction, retail sales, professional services and manufacturing.

As part of the Climate Leadership Plan, the government established Energy Efficiency Alberta. This public agency will deliver energy efficiency and community energy system programs for homes, businesses and communities in Alberta. Funding for the agency and its programs will be provided by revenues received from the carbon levy.

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