Science guides policies and actions in Alberta’s Eastern Slopes

When Albertans think about the Rocky Mountains, we inherently think of the wild, rugged mountain landscape that always leaves us wanting more. Hiking those rigid mountain peaks, jumping into those cold glacial lakes, and waking up to fresh mountain air are some of the greatest pleasures Alberta’s Rocky Mountains offer visitors and residents alike.

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Alberta Parks: Castle Area

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Student Action Challenge – One School’s Growing Success

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARobert Thirsk High School has brought its foods program to life thanks to a student with a passion for stewardship, a hands-on natural sciences program and an application to Alberta Environment and Parks Climate and Environment Student Action Challenge. Continue reading

Working to make life better by investing in green energy

Climate change is a complex issue and it will take some time to see the full benefits of decisions being made and actions being taken today. That said, just 18 months after Alberta started to tackle the issue, we are seeing tangible results.

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Myths and realities of Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan – Part 2

premier-students-clp2This is the second in a series of posts addressing myths and realities of the Climate Leadership Plan. Part 1 covered estimated household costs, rebates and emissions reductions.

Myth #4: Albertans weren’t consulted on the Climate Leadership Plan.

Reality: In 2015, Alberta’s Climate Change Advisory Panel engaged with Albertans for several months. The panel heard from the public, farmers, indigenous communities, academia, think-tanks, municipalities, small businesses and industry representatives. They heard from tens of thousands of Albertans through an online survey, open houses, technical sessions and written submissions from stakeholder groups and individuals. Continue reading

New grant will help Alberta non-profits save money


Around the province, every day, non-profit and volunteer groups are doing admirable work to improve the lives of Albertans. A new grant, the Non-Profit Energy Efficiency Transition (NEET) Program, will help these groups continue their important work while saving them money, lowering their emissions and playing a role in Alberta’s ambitious Climate Leadership Plan.
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Myths and realities of Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan – Part 1

calculator-moneyMinister Phillips recently hosted two interactive telephone town hall discussions on the Climate Leadership Plan, paying special attention to the carbon levy and rebates. Over 50,000 Albertans participated and asked many excellent questions. What the town hall revealed was that, unfortunately, there are still a few myths circulating.

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Investing in Alberta’s future with the carbon levy


Climate change is the greatest challenge facing us today. We need to take swift, decisive action to address it. Albertans, industry and government all have a part to play in tackling climate change in our province. We all need to be part of the solution.

A price on carbon does just this by putting the onus of improving the health of the environment and Albertans on all of us. It is the most cost-effective way to achieve significant reductions in emissions, and provides an incentive for everyone, from individual households to large industrial emitters, to make choices with emissions in mind. Continue reading

Fueling actions on climate change in Alberta

WTDeerSnowGordonCourtClimate change is a global issue, with people all over the world researching ways to limit human impacts on our climate. In Alberta, we’ve been working on this for a while, like in 2007 when we introduced the Specified Gas Emitters Regulation (SGER). We were the first place in North America to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from large industrial emitters and require them to report and reduce their emissions.

Now with a new provincial climate change framework coming soon, this regulation is being extended to the end of June 2015. This extension ensures a smooth transition from the current strategy to the new framework expected to be in place in the new year.

Right now, the Alberta government is exploring options to address climate change. This includes looking at the innovative approaches and partnership opportunities presented at the recent United Nations conference in Peru.

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