Resilient Residents – Mammals that are inactive but don’t hibernate

shutterstock_16664695BeaverThis is the second of a four part series on our province’s most resilient animals. You can find out more about mammals that are active through the winter here.

You may have assumed that the mammals you don’t see during the winter are hibernating, but that isn’t always the case. In fact, some mammals use an ‘in between’ strategy that involves a lot of deep sleeping with some activity to pass the time in colder weather. Continue reading

Resilient Residents – Mammals that stay

shutterstock_2711057CanadianLynxWinter has arrived! Over the past two years, we have looked at animals who leave the province or the ones who take long winter naps until spring. This year, our focus is on those animals that brave the challenges of our cold and snowy climate. This is the first of a four part series on our province’s most resilient animals. Continue reading

Alberta’s Happy Hibernators: Mammals

This is part five of a six part series on hibernators. You can find the first four parts on bearsbatsamphibians and reptiles here.


We’ve already taken a look at bears and how they spend their winter months. Small mammals also spend the winter in Alberta and survive by doing one of three things:

  • hibernating for the winter (deep hibernation);
  • going into torpor (light hibernation) for short periods and still needing to look for food; or
  • staying active all winter.

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