Gobble up your turkey and pie at an Alberta Provincial Park

For many Albertans, Thanksgiving weekend is a time to get together with family and friends to enjoy one another’s company and a hearty meal! This year, why not escape to a provincial park and have your Thanksgiving dinner surrounded by Alberta’s autumn splendor?IMG_5447

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Winter golf can be par for the course

Winter is really settling in now and summer seems like a fond and distant memory. Are you already yearning for the golf course and the challenge of the game? Don’t despair – there is a year-round alternative available.

Invented by a group of Saskatchewan school boys in 1926, disc golf brings the traditional game of golf to a higher level – mostly because the “hole” is an above ground target. Similar to golf, a disc is used in lieu of clubs and thrown at the target hole. It is a sport of precision and accuracy, the fewest throws from tee to hole wins. Continue reading