Snow Study: Staying Safe in Avalanche Country

A small group is gathered around Public Safety Specialist Matt Mueller at the end of a day of Level One Avalanche Skills Training. He’s just demonstrated a “compression test” – cutting a column of snow to check the density of each layer: in this case loose, sugary crumbs underneath a solid cap of wind-packed crust. After explaining to us how easily snow like this can loosen and slide downhill, he lifts up the column – about 70 cm high and 30 cm square – and passes it around, a chunk of snow so heavy that one of the group staggers under its weight and falls over.

Demonstrating a compression test at Avalanche Awareness Day in 2014. Photo: Catharine Findlay.

Demonstrating a compression test at Avalanche Awareness Day in 2014. Photo: Catharine Findlay.

What does Matt and his group have to do with avalanche safety in our mountain parks? The first thing this demonstration drives home is that snow is heavier than you might think. “Imagine a whole slope of this coming down on top of you,” Mueller says. Second, there are many ways to learn more, be the most informed you can to keep yourself safer when you’re venturing into the backcountry in winter. Continue reading

Live reports show snow grooming in real time

Story by Duane Fizor – Information Content Coordinator for Alberta Parks in Kananaskis Country

Remember when the Alberta Parks Cross-Country Ski Trail reports were faxed out once per week? This was they way much of the information was sent – as few as 10 years ago. It’s hard to believe that now, thanks to Alberta Parks employees, “Live Grooming Reports” can send updates sent to your email as the snow is being groomed.

In 2012 an early version of the new system was hardwired into the Pisten Bully snow cats at the Canmore Nordic Centre, but in 2013, through the Alberta Parks Innovation Fund, money was secured to develop an app for equipment operators which, when downloaded to an iPhone, would track the grooming equipment using the internal GPS antennae. So instead of receiving grooming information days after it occurred, avid cross-country skiers can now view the new grooming information in real time!

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